Bubblee – Cool bubble effects on battery charging App free Download

Bubblee is a nice-looking and beautiful battery charging animation app which helps you improve the appearance of your smartphone. Bubblee will display a large number of charming transparent bubbles moving on your screen.

You can personalize the bubbles charging animation by modifying the size of the bubbles, colors of bubbles. Moreover, you can also set battery alarm alerts for a full battery or low battery notification.

The app comes with a set of useful options and features. Bubblee can be used as a Battery low alarm or battery full alarm as well.

☀ Bubbles battery indicator
☀ Battery Percentage indicator
☀ Change bubble colors
☀ More charming flying objects apart from bubbles
☀ Full battery alarm
☀ Low battery alarm
☀ Colorful app theme
☀ The clean and easy app interface

🔔 Bubblee charging animation makes your android phone such a unique experience, show off the cool bubbles animations to your friends. show the heart flaying on the screen to your love – girlfriend or your lovely wife.

🔔 Battery charging alerts and notification helps you to keep reminding to unplug the power when it’s fully charged or plug if battery level goes below battery percentage you defined.

🔔 Battery level alarms with cool charming animations make it complete app for your smartphone.

Try now and let us know what you like more about the app and suggest to us your ideas to improve the app and make it more useful for the android community.

🍹 Please rate ★★★★★ our app on the play store if you like it. and email us at [email protected] for any issues or suggestions. we appreciate the time and efforts you put to help us making Bubblee a successful app on play store.

Thank you and Namaste❗

Are you ready to pop bubbles and enjoy the charging animations?❓


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