How to Use Google Translate

Translate text, images, and stay voice in the hyperlink of an ey

Google’s Translate device has advanced from an internet text-only characteristic into a versatile software that can cope with text, images, speech, and even real-time conversations to make interacting with or grasp these who communicate and write a exclusive language less difficult than ever. Here’s how to use Google Translate to make you greater linked with your overseas buddies than ever before.

How to Get Google Translate

To make the most of Google Translate, you may want to down load and installation the app on your well matched Android or iOS device. Before opening any of the directions below, make certain the app is open and functioning.

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How to Translate Text With Google Translate

Translating textual content is the best and most well-supported feature of Google Translate. Here’s how to translate any textual content you come across.

  • Select the title of the supply language you desire to translate from in the
    top-left of the screen. In this example, we’re the use of English.
  • Then pick the title of the vacation spot language you prefer to translate to in the top-right of the screen. In this example, we’re the use of Spanish.
  • Select the area that says Tap to enter textual content and both type, or replica and paste (press and hold) the textual content you choose to translate into this field.

You can additionally use the predictive textual content characteristic to assist write what you desire to translate quicker.

Screenshots showing how to use Google Translate.

  • The Google Translate app will always translate what you are writing in the discipline underneath. At any time all through this translation process, you can faucet the Speaker icon to hear what it sounds like in your chosen translation language.
  • When you are finished, if you choose to replica the translation, faucet the three dot menu icon and pick out Share.

How to Translate Images

Translating a overseas language from an photograph or photograph the usage of your digicam or preceding snap shots is splendid accessible when you are out and about. In our example, we will use a meals menu.

  • Select the supply language and the translation language in the pinnacle of the screen. In this example, we are the use of Chinese to English.
  • Select the Camera icon.

Screenshots of how to use the camera with Google Translate.

  • Align what you choose to translate in your digital camera window and pick Instant.

If you prefer to translate an photograph you already have, choose the Import button and the detect and pick the photo on your device. Then pass to Step 6.

  • The photograph will be translated on your device. It may additionally take a second for the translation to whole however as soon as it does, you may be in a position to choose person phrases in the photo to spotlight their translation.

Some languages provide stay translation, however others require a saved image. To scan and keep a determination for translation, pick the Scan button.

Screenshots of a photo translation in Google Translate.

How to Translate Words and Speech

Translating what you say into a extraordinary language is one of the most beneficial points of Google Translate when visiting or simply attempting to research a new language. Here’s how to do it.

  • Select the supply language and the translate to language at the pinnacle of the screen.
  • Tap the microphone icon and when brought on with a beep, start speaking. Your voice will routinely be translated into textual content form.
  • Select the Speaker icon to hear the translation spoken lower back to you.

Screenshots showing how to dictate and listen to translations in Google Translate.

  • If you desire to dictate what you say into a exclusive language instead, pick the Transcribe icon. then start speakme as earlier than and what you say will be translated into your vacation spot language on screen.

Transcribing is distinctive than dictating. When you are dictating, you are simply the use of your voice rather of a keyboard or stylus to enter information to be translated. When you are transcribing, you are growing a written output of your voice. Transcribing is specifically beneficial if you want to ship a message or write an email.

  • Tap the microphone and then start speakme as before…
  • What you say will be translated into your vacation spot language on screen. When you are completed speaking, faucet the microphone once more to stop the transcription.

Screenshots showing how to transcribe a transcription in Google Translate.

How to Translate Real-Time Conversations:

You can additionally use Google Translate to facilitate a stay dialog between you and anybody who speaks a language you do not understand.

  • Select the supply and vacation spot languages at the pinnacle of the screen.
  • Select the Conversation icon.
  • You can manually pick out the language of the speaker at any one time to pressure the app to use that as the source, or pick the Auto button to enable the app to decide who is talking at any one time.

Screenshots showing how to translate a conversation in Google Translate.

  • Begin speaking. The translation of what you are pronouncing will show up on screen, as will a translation for any replies from the individual you are speakme to. This lets you each see what’s being stated in actual time.

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How Many Languages Does Google Translate Support?

Google Translate can translate about 103 special languages for textual content translation. Although now not all of them are as herbal as every other, and solely fifty-nine are supported when offline, that covers tons of the world and its most populous languages.
Real-time speech conversations help forty-three wonderful languages, whilst digital camera photo translation is handy in up to 88 languages. You would possibly assume handwriting is harder, however it clearly helps ninety-five distinct languages.

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