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Features of ThopTV For PC:

Live TV Channel Streaming: ThopTV is mainly used for streaming live TV channels around the world. It allows users to stream live TV channels, TV shows, and more.

Stream in Full HD: While most live streaming shows require you to stream in full HD or even in HD, ThopTV is one of those apps that allows you to do so; ThopTV can also stream content to full HD + with users, but this will require a high-speed data connection.

Catchup Show: The main highlight of ThopTV is the ability to stream older shows, also known as catch-up shows; It can stream 7-day old shows and is amazing

Radio Support: If you are a radio channel lover and you need an application that can allow you to listen to audio from over 5000 radio channels.

Live Customer Support: The developers behind ThopTV are working really hard, and now they have developed Live Customer Support to help you with any issues you may face.

Supports multiple players: If you prefer an inbuilt video player, ThopTV can stream to any other video player such as VLC Media Player or even MX Player.

Supports subtitles: ThopTV also supports subtitles in TV shows/movies or even web series, so if you want to watch a show in another language, support for subtitles is here.

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