Top Best 15+ Photo Editing Apps For Android App Free Download

These photograph altering applications come loaded with different apparatuses that can even change your body parts to get the ideal picture. 


With the progressions in cell phone cameras, cell phone photography and photograph altering have gone to another level. As we as a whole love to shoot pictures from telephones, and the channels are the new components by which we can alter further. 


Photograph altering applications are an excellent contribution to every one of the individuals who love tapping the best snapshots of their lives. Who doesn’t prefer to keep these recollections alive for quite a long time and when you have the correct altering application there with you, the memory gets improved unmistakably. 


Among the main photograph altering applications for Android, we are introducing an accumulation of the most intriguing and incredibly well-known ones. While the beneath referenced applications merit attempting, there are different other photographs and Android that clients can get to effectively around the globe. 


Moving Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android For 2021 


In the event that you are searching for a solid photograph altering application, we have ordered the top notch of the most moving photograph altering applications, which will unquestionably change the manner in which you have been altering pictures till now.


1. Instasize

[appbox googleplay com.jsdev.instasize&hl=en_US]

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If you are an aspiring social media influencer or a well-established content creator then Instasize is the photo editor that you need on your smartphone. In other words, Instasize can also be referred to as an all-in-one photo and video editing toolkit that provides its users with tons of filters along with advanced editor functionalities. 

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of the Instasize app here.

Notable features of Instasize best photo editing app includes:

  • Users can custom edit their pictures in different aspects
  • Opt for different formats for various social media platforms
  • Option to add creative text to your photos and videos
  • Acne spot removal feature to make skin blemishes disappear 

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2. PicsArt Photo Studio

[appbox googleplay]

Pics Art Photo Studio is another photo editing app that is easy-to-use and covers just about all the bases for consumer mobile photography. The free photo editing app has a Rich array of editing tools and filters, lots of creative user controls, robust collage feature and a wide range of photo-import options.

Notable features of PicsArt Photo Studio best photo editing app include:

  • Regular images updates from the app community;
  • Tools to create cutouts, crop, and stretch;
  • Make and share custom stickers;
  • Massive collection of the sticker, fonts, and more.

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3. Afterlight 2

[appbox googleplay com.fueled.afterlight]

The clean design of Afterlight 2 has a variety of icons that lead to a collection of filters, adjustment tools and other really cool features for editing pictures, especially the dust, color shift, and double exposure feature.

With this pic editing app, the user can create new presets and pay up some money to get access to some magical features.

Notable features of Afterlight best photo editing app include:

  • Uniquely made adjustment tools;
  • Fully adjustable original filters;
  • Range of real and natural light leaks;
  • Simplistic and adjustable frames.

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4. Slazzer App

[appbox googleplay com.slazzer.bgremover&hl=en&gl=US]

Slazzer app is an AI-powered online background removal tool that gives an efficient way of removing backgrounds from images. It is one of the best photo editing apps that erases background and lets you add custom backgrounds while keeping the primary object flawlessly sharp and detailed. The AI technology makes this app bizarre whereas the customizable background feature makes the user-experience praiseworthy.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Slazzer app here.

Notable features of Slazzer best photo editing app include:

  • Easy to and precise object cropping.
  • Automatic background remover.
  • Get High-Quality 4k cut-outs.
  • Edit images and change backgrounds.
  • AI-powered perfection.
  • Choose from variable depth-of-field.
  • Select from variable background blurs.
  • Free to use. 

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[appbox googleplay]

VSCO is a powerful iPhone photo editor and camera app. The free photo editing app has filters and photo editing tools for enhancing your images and the camera has manual settings for ultimate control when shooting.

This photo editing app includes a camera, photo library, and VSCO photo editor. There’s also a shop and online photo sharing community.

Notable features of VSCO best photo editing app include:

  • Superior mobile and film-inspired presets;
  • Curated work from the community;
  • Film X tools and presets;
  • A robust community.

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6. Touch Retouch

[appbox googleplay com.advasoft.touchretouch]

This pic editing app can make any novice photo editor feel like a pro. Touch Retouch is a remarkable photo editing tool that assists you in removing unwanted items from your images. Since TouchRetouch isn’t a full-featured photo editing tool, it packed in some extra features to compensate like Clone stamp, before/after button, Undo/Redo and rich exporting functionality.

Notable features of Touch Retouch best photo editing app include:

  • Excellent retouch tool;
  • Blemish remover tool;
  • Single flick line removal option; Object removal tool and more.

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7. Unfold

[appbox googleplay com.moonlab.unfold]

Unfold, a free, third-party free photo editing app that, according to its founders, has grown to 3 million monthly active users since launching in January and is adding over 100,000 new users a day.

The simple photo editor app offers a series of templates that users can add photos (from their camera roll or a selection of stock imagery) videos and text before uploading them to their Story without compromising with the quality.

Notable features of Unfold best photo editing app include:

  • High-quality expert tool;
  • Supports photo and video editing;
  • Rich fonts;
  • Premium set of templates.

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8. 8MM Camera

[appbox appstore 8mm-vintage-camera/id406541444]

8mm Vintage Camera is a photo editing app that’s been around since its launch in 2010. This iOS-only app captures the “beauty and magic” of old school vintage movies using a selection of virtual lenses and films that include 1920, Noir, the 60s, 70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena, and more.

The pic editing app supports up to 1080p HD video recording and includes features like a jitter button to imitate frame shakes and a sound switch to add a projector sound. Huji Cam is a similar app for the Android platform.

Notable features of 8MM best photo editor app include:

  • Record video with sophisticated live effects;
  • Instantly switch effects for different looks;
  • Apply effects for existing videos;
  • Can add soundtracks from iTunes library.

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9. Over

[appbox googleplay app.over.editor]

Over photo editing app is one of the top picks of the pro photographers. The free photo editing app has over a million templates, graphics, and fonts to overlay. Also, it assists in designing photos to make the social media profile for you. The simple photo editor app is great for people who create images to promote an event, business, product, etc.


Notable features of Over best photo editor app include:

  • Customizable options;
  • Stylish overlays and graphics;
  • Professionally designed templates and tools;
  • Text and graphics enhancements.

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10. Retouchme

[appbox googleplay com.retouchme]

Retouchme is one of my favorite photo editing apps. The variety of filters and the quality of the pic editing app is what makes it one of the best apps to edit photos. It is not as versatile as Snapseed but the filters are excellent, and you can do the basic editing for exposure, contrast, crop, color temperature, and focus settings.

Besides, it allows retouching photos by layers and different areas, which will be of great help when converting each one of your snapshots into a small work of art. There is a filter store that is worth watching. There are really good presets that you can get with it. The minimalist design perfectly compliments the app.


Notable features of Retouchme best photo editor app include:

  • Can change figure by tweaking body parts;
  • Face-changing ability;
  • Background change;
  • Various showplaces templates.

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[appbox googleplay]

Pixlr is a popular free photo editing app that competes directly with Snapseed with some extra bunch of features and more advanced tools. With Pixlr you can use the camera from the app itself, something that is not possible with most of the competitor apps.

In terms of editing, in addition to basic settings in this simple photo editor app, you can blur, repair lights and shadows or crop the image.

Notable features of PIXLR best photo editor app include:

  • Photo collage with different filters;
  • Balance color and contrast;
  • Resizes the image quality;
  • Keep track of favorite effects and filters.

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12. Adobe Photoshop Express

[appbox googleplay com.adobe.psmobile&hl=en_US]

Photoshop can scare those who come first to the world of photo editing, but the mobile version of this pic editing app is simplified to make it much more intuitive and easy to use. Photoshop Express is a free and compressed offering of its desktop version.

With this photo editor application, you can make a quick and advanced edition of your photos directly from the phone.

Notable features of Adobe Photoshop Express best photo editor app include:

  • One-touch filters;
  • Smartly minimizes unwanted grain and specklings;
  • Reduce fog and haze in photos;
  • Perspective correction and more.

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13. Photolab

[appbox googleplay vsin.t16_funny_photo&hl=en_US]

The free photo editing app lives up to its name and turns your phone into a true photo lab. Despite looking like a mere collection of filters and effects, it allows the creation of montages with images that can become covers of publications or anything you want. The simple photo editor app includes more than 500 effects.

Notable features of Photolab best photo editor app include:

  • Neural art styles;
  • Realistic photo effects;
  • Face photo montages;
  • Photo filters and photo collages.

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14. EyeEm

[appbox googleplay com.baseapp.eyeem&hl=en_US]

EyeEm is the best mobile photo editor with 24 gorgeous filters. You can not only edit pictures but you can also sell your photos on this app. The pic editing app is absolutely free and works on windows, android, and iOS smartphones.

This photo editor application was introduced in 2011 and it got its name for an amazing camera community. It has provided many photographers with opportunities to share and sell their work. This application has 13 million members. The EyeEm member has a 50% discount on its stock photos.

Notable features of EyeEm best photo editor app include:

  • Can sell photos over EyeEm marketplace;
  • Tutorials to improve photography;
  • Engages aesthetic technology;
  • Saves pictures from infringement.

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15. Prisma Photo Editor

[appbox googleplay com.neuralprisma&hl=en_US]

Prisma Photo Editor is another excellent pic editing app that can help you edit pictures with stunning photo effects transformations and coverts a picture into paintings. By using its art filters, the photos can be made looks like Picasso, Munch, even Salvador Dali, and more.

The applications for editing pictures has over 300 art styles in Prisma’s art filter library from where the user can choose from. The simple photo editor app rolls out a new art filter every day which is complimented by special styles from time to time.

Notable features of Prisma best photo editor app include:

  • Image enhancement tools;
  • Engaging community;
  • Roll out art filters on an everyday basis;
  • 300 art styles in Prisma’s art filter library.

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16. Enlight

[appbox appstore enlight-photofox-digital-art/id1191337894]

The last photo editor app on our list is Enlight. Don’t underestimate the features of this app, just because it’s listed at the end; sometimes, the best comes at the last. The photo editor application won the ‘Apple Design Award Winner of 2017.’

With this app, the user can easily create fantastic images on the iPhone. Right from blending effects to reproducing the style of classic cameras and from discovering the magic of monochromatic photos to amazing painterly effects, this best photo editing app gas it all.

Enlight is one of the best free photo editing apps for the iPhone.


Notable features of Enlight best mobile photo editor app include:

  • Can create and save your own unique presets;
  • Analog & duo filters;
  • Supports black & white photography;
  • Can bloat, shrink, or reshape specific objects in the photo.

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17. Snapseed

[appbox googleplay com.niksoftware.snapseed&hl=en_US]

It is free pic editing app and will turn your Android phone into a complete editing station with basic settings such as filters, brightness, contrast or exposure and more advanced settings that include editing by areas using your finger, removing spots, HDR, blur the background or double exposure and much more to it.

Snapseed’s interface is straightforward to use, has a very intuitive design and “painting” with your finger does not become cumbersome.

Notable features of Snapseed best photo editing app includes:

  • Compatible with jpg and RAW files;
  • Save the personal looks;
  • Various type of filter brushes;
  • Various tools and filters, like healing, brush, structure, HDR, and more.

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Above mentioned apps are the best mobile photo editors for your photo editing requirements, select any of them to edit images like a pro. In case you have any queries or you think we have missed on any of the deserving apps, please let us know via comments.

Photo editing on a smartphone has become a norm nowadays, and people have gradually shunned the PC for editing. Therefore, it becomes crucial to pick the right app for all your editing needs. To make it easier for you, we do come up with app reviews of the top trending apps, and we thoroughly reviewed many of the apps listed in this list of free photo editing apps.


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